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The Patient Insurance Centre takes care of the claims handling process of patient injuries and safeguards both the patients and health professionals. We will investigate on your behalf whether you are entitled to compensation under law. The process is free of charge for you.

If you suspect a patient injury has occurred, take our patient injury test first. The test will help you assess whether the Patient Injuries Act (Potilasvahinkolaki, 585/1986) ot the Patient Insurance Act (Potilasvakuutuslaki, 948/2019)  is applicable to your case, i.e. whether filing a notice of injury is worth your while.

Please note that the test results are not a claims decision. The Patient Insurance Centre is responsible for assessing whether your case meets the criteria for a patient injury.

Facts such as whether an experienced healthcare professional would have chosen a different course of action, whether the injury could have been avoided and whether the case involves bodily injuries, among others, are taken into consideration when assessing the compensability of a case. Individual conditions are always considered in the assessment. Almost twenty-five percent of notices of injury result in the payment of compensation.

Instructions for taking the online test

  • Anyone suspecting a patient injury or whose work involves dealing with patient injury questions can take the test.
  • The Patient Insurance Centre does not collect any personal data, location data or IP addresses of those taking the test. We only monitor the number people who took the test.
  • The test does not require you to provide any contact information and it can be completed anonymously. The test has no effect on the processing of notices of injury.
  • Answer each question by selecting one of the 2–6 options. The test will proceed according to the answers given. Mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*). After the test, you will be provided with an assessment on whether the Patient Injuries Act could be applicable to your case.

Take the Patient Insurance Centre’s online test

Before submitting a notice of injury, you should contact your place of treatment. The underlying cause for many notices of injury is a lack of knowledge on medical conditions, injuries or matters related to treatment, and these issues are best resolved by discussing them with healthcare professionals. Please also see our FAQ section.

Frequently asked questions

It is not necessary to file a notice of injury immediately on the appearance of the symptoms, since information on the further development of your condition may be relevant for the handling of the claim. This is especially true with infections. The notice of injury must be filed within three years of the date when you as the injured party learned of the injury. This time limit will only be derogated from for a special reason.

Filing a notice of injury