Power of attorney for handling patient injury cases

If you wish to authorise another person to attend to the patient injury case on your behalf, you may attach your duly signed power of attorney to your notice of injury. You can submit the power of attorney as an attachment later as well.

The device and web browser you use affects the way you are able to use the PDF forms. If you wish to save the PDF form to your device, you should first download and save it and then fill it out. When we mention a device, we mean computer, a mobile phone or a tablet.

Power of attorney (PDF, opens in a new tab)

If you filled out the Authorization section of the notice of injury form and thus authorised another party to manage your case on your behalf, you do not need to submit a separate power of attorney.

The Patient Insurance Centre must always be notified of the cessation of the authorisation in writing. You can also use our power of attorney form for cancelling the authorisation. 

If the patient has deceased, the parties to the estate can authorise one person to attend to the patient injury case and to receive the compensation. To grant such authorisation, all parties of the estate must fill and sign their own power of attorney

Power of attorney for estates (PDF, opens in a new tab)