Instructions for filing a notice of injury

Read these instructions carefully before filling out the notice of injury and submitting it to the Patient Insurance Centre. If you need help with reporting a patient injury, contact the Patient Ombudsman or a social worker of your place of treatment. See also the frequently asked questions on how to file a notice of injury: Frequently asked questions

Please use the notice of injury form provided by the Patient Insurance Centre for reporting a patient injury. You can file a notice of a patient injury with the Patient Insurance Centre in three different ways:

If authentication is not working with the Internet Explorer browser, please use another browser.

The device and web browser you use affects the way you are able to use the PDF forms. If you wish to save the PDF form to your device, you should first download and save it and then fill it out. When we mention a device, we mean computer, a mobile phone or a tablet.

This website includes more detailed instructions on filling out and submitting the electronic form or the PDF form.

Electronic notice of injury

You may file an electronic notice of a patient injury when:

  • you have online banking credentials or a Mobile ID available.
  • you are filing a notice of injury concerning your own injury case.
  • you are filing a notice of injury concerning the injury case of your underage dependent.
  • you are filing a notice of injury concerning the injury case of a legally incapacitated adult and you are their officially appointed guardian. Include the guardianship order issued by a local register office or a court of law with the notice of injury.
  • you are filing a notice of injury concerning a case of a deceased person and you are a party to the estate of the deceased or another next-of-kind who has incurred financial loss or damage as a result of the patient’s death.

An adult patient or other claimant may authorise another person to attend to their injury case on their behalf. In this case, the authorised person logs in with their online banking credentials and fills out the notice of injury. A power of attorney signed by the patient or other claimant must be enclosed.

Drafting a power of attorney

File the electronic form between 6 am and 10 pm, since there may be maintenance breaks in the system of the Patient Insurance Centre during the night.

Fill out the electronic notice of injury on your own device and remember to submit the form to the Patient Insurance Centre. Check the information in your notice before submitting it. When the notice of injury is successfully submitted, a notification will be displayed on your screen. You will not receive an email message or text message for submitting the form.

When the electronic form has been sent, you can still save the notice of injury on your device or print a copy of the it.

If you encounter technical problems when filling out and submitting the electronic form, send e-mail to PVK.lomaketuki(@) This e-mail address will only serve you in technical issues related to the use of electronic services from 9 am to 3 pm on weekdays.

Submit attachments electronically

The allowed file formats for attachments are pdf, doc, docx, gif, jpeg, jpg, txt, xls, xlsx and png. The aggregate file size of the attachments may not exceed 15 MB. If the maximum attachment size is exceeded, you will receive an error message. The program will automatically delete any attachments whose file size exceeds the prescribed limit. Click the Submit button again to send the form complete with the attachments that do not exceed the prescribed limit to the recipient. Send the removed files separately using a new form.

We do not provide IT support in the event of a problem with uploading attachments. If you are unable to submit the attachments in the requested file formats, you can print them out and send them by letter to the Patient Insurance Centre (address P.O. Box 1, 00084 VAKUUTUSKESKUS).

Filing a notice of injury using the PDF form

You can fill in the "Notice of Patient Injury" form (PDF) on your device, save it and print it on a paper. The PDF form cannot be sent electronically as an e-mail attachment, for example.

Sign the form and send it via regular mail to the Patient Insurance Centre. The Patient Insurance Centre’s postal address for claims is
Patient Insurance Centre
P.O. Box 1

You can also send the notice of injury as a registered letter, in which case you will be responsible for the postage fee as the sender of the letter.

If you are unable to print out the PDF form, order a hardcopy form from the Patient Insurance Centre by e-mailing us at lomaketilaus(@) or by calling at +358 40 450 4590 (from 12 noon to 3 pm on weekdays). You can also ask the Patient Ombudsman or social worker of your place of treatment for a paper form.