Further legal protection for the patient

Tort Liability Act (Vahingonkorvauslaki 412/1974) and Product Liability Act (Tuotevastuulaki 694/1990)

A patient may have a right for compensation for injuries from the healthcare provider and, in the case of products such as prostheses, from the manufacturer or importer.

The laws mainly referred to in cases of compensation for damages are the Tort Liability Act and Product Liability Act. It is the patient’s own responsibility to investigate these options. In practice these situations are very rare.

Claims for material damage caused in connection with medical treatment, such as torn clothing, damage to or loss of a removable prosthesis or eyeglasses) may be filed against the party causing the damage.

Consumer Protection Act and the Consumer Disputes Board

The Consumer Protection Act is applied to errors in goods and services. It is only applied to cases where an agreement has been made between a business and consumer. The Consumer Protection Act is not usually applied to public health care. Customers may, for example, have the right to cancel the purchase of eyeglasses owing to a defect.

Insurance schemes

Patients may have the right to compensation for material damage under their own home insurance or under the liability insurance of the carer. For bodily injuries, you may receive compensation from your own accident insurance, sickness insurance or from the carer’s liability insurance.

As for patient injuries relating to treatment given for a road traffic injury or an accidental injury, you may receive compensation under motor liability insurance or occupational accident insurance. For advice on insurance matters, you may contact the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau.