Loss of life

In cases where the injury leads to the loss of life, funeral expenses and other related costs can be covered to an equitable amount. Insurance will cover costs relating to, for example, the burial site, coffin, gravestone, funeral ceremony, flowers, obituary notice, and mourning clothes. Funeral expenses will be paid to the estate or the person who paid for the funeral.

If assistance to cover funeral costs is received in some other manner, the amount received may be deducted from the patient insurance compensation. The costs arising from the estate inventory are not covered, since such costs are not considered compensable according to established legal practice as they are not related to the actual funeral costs.

In cases where there is a loss of life, necessary maintenance may be granted to those entitled to this compensation. People entitled to this compensation are the husband or wife and under-age children and, in some cases, children under 21 who are studying. Compensation may also be payable to persons who received de facto maintenance from the deceased.

Compensation is payable under patient insurance to the extent that other sources of income and compensation payable under other statutory schemes do not guarantee sufficient maintenance to the claimant.