Injuries occurring within the geographical area of Finland

he Patient Injuries Act only applies to health and medical care given in Finnish territory or territorial waters. The Act cannot be applied to treatment given abroad, even if the patient was referred for treatment abroad or even if both the care provider and the patient receiving treatment abroad were Finnish.

1) Treatment of a fracture during a cruise

A school pupil was going to a cruise as a school trip and tripped when stepping aboard the ship so that he fell over and hurt his arm. He went to see the ship's nurse. The nurse checked the arm and stated that no follow-up measures will be required. A fracture was subsequently diagnosed in the arm

As the treatment was given soon after departure while the ship was in Finnish territorial waters, the Patient Insurance Centre investigated the notice of injury regarding the treatment submitted subsequently by the patient.

2) Surgery performed by a Finnish physician abroad

A Finnish patient agreed to a surgery by a Finnish physician at a clinic in Finland, and said physician performed the surgery later abroad.

Even though both the patient and the physician were Finnish, the Patient Injuries Act could not be applied to the surgery as the operation was not performed in Finland.