After filing the notice of injury

How do I know if my notice of injury was duly received?

We will send you a written acknowledgement of the receipt of your notice of injury.

How long will the handling take? Why do the handling periods vary?

It is difficult to give a precise estimate on the handling time of any individual claim. Approximately half of the notices of injury are resolved within slightly over seven months and approximately 90 per cent within one year of the receipt of the notice of injury. Currently, the average handling time is 8.5 months.

In cases that are medically or legally demanding and encompass several medical fields, the handling time is usually longer than the average. The time it takes to obtain the necessary clarifications also affects the overall handling time.

How can I get information about the status of the claims handling process?

The person who filed the notice of injury will be contact if any additional clarifications are needed.

Any telephone enquiries will unfortunately only delay the handling of the claims, so we kindly ask you to avoid making contact if the matter is not urgent. In urgent matters, you may call the injuries and claims service number +358 404 504 590 (weekdays 12 noon–3 p.m.).

Claims handling process at the Patient Insurance Centre

Can the claims handling process be expedited?

No. We will handle all notices of injury as quickly as possible.

I would like to supplement my previous notice of injury, what should I do?

If you receive more information concerning your injury as a result of new examinations, notify the Patient Insurance Centre of the treatment facility where you were examined. The Patient Insurance Centre will order your medical records from the treatment facility on your behalf. Alternatively, you may send the written clarifications to the Patient Insurance Centre.

What does a hearing mean and to whom does it apply?

The Patient Insurance Centre sends the claimant a copy of the account from healthcare services or a medical expert statement it has obtained, for example, and reserves the claimant an opportunity to file a written rejoinder.

NOTE! No response to the letter is necessary, if the claimant has nothing to comment or add to the matter.


Who makes the decisions on the compensation of injuries?

The experts of the Patient Insurance Centre make the decisions based on the Patient Injuries Act. Medical experts are consulted where necessary.

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