Compensation to family and other close people

Compensation is usually paid only to the injured party. Compensation for losses is not paid to third parties, even if the losses resulted from the patient injury.

However, a reasonable compensation may be paid to a person with a close relationship with the injured party for the necessary expenses or loss of income resulting from taking care of the injured person for a special reason. The injured person being a child or disabled or having suffered a particularly severe incapacity due to the patient injury can be deemed a special reason. The existence of a special reason is always considered on a case-by-case basis. A close relationship refers to the family members of the injured party or other people who are particularly close to them.

Compensation for the care of the injured person may be received at most until the condition of the injury suffered by the patient has stabilised. Compensation is not paid for non-material damage or other inconvenience arising from the illness or injury of a loved one caused by a patient injury and suffered by those close to the injured.