Dissatisfaction with Patient Insurance Centre

The Patient Insurance Centre is not an official authority but it carries out a public administrative duty bestowed upon it by law, i.e. the statutory patient insurance. Anyone can file an administrative complaint about the unlawful conduct or failure to fulfil an obligation of a body carrying out a public administrative duty to the authority controlling these operations.

The legality of the Patient Insurance Centre’s operations is monitored by the Financial Supervisory Authority and the supreme legality supervisor the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

However, the supervising authorities may not change or overturn a decision or comment of compensation paid, they can only make statements on the operations of the centre and the legality of procedures. Consequently, you should not file an administrative complaint when you are dissatisfied with a compensation decision. Amendments to a compensation decision can be sought with a request for revision. You may also refer the issue to the Traffic and Patient Accident Board.

Dissatisfaction with claims decision