Patient insurance 2021 training material

Training day on the patient insurance renewal

On 23 October 2019, the Patient Insurance Centre arranged a training day for the renewal of patient insurance. The training was intended for directors of insurance companies, hospital districts and healthcare centres, as well as for experts responsible for medical insurance and all employees working with patient insurance. 


Opening of the day (in Finnish):

The following expert speeches (in Finnish) were held during the training day:

Hospital insurance as a safety mechanism for patients and care personnel - Background and statistics, Director Minna Plit-Turunen, Patient Insurance Centre

Background of the reform of patient insurance legislation - How did we get here? Director of Legislative Affairs Asko Nio, Insurance Centre

Grounds for compensation and compensation paid for patient injuries - What will change? Compensation Manager Elina Muukkonen, Patient Insurance Centre

Obligation to insurance and taking out patient insurance - What will change? Director of Legislative Affairs Asko Nio, Insurance Centre

Patient insurance markets open, Chief Mathematician Administrator Juha Tiensuu, Insurance Centre

Report on the cost impact of the Patient Insurance Act, Director of Actuarial Affairs Ville Lilja, Insurance Centre

Lecture slides

The lecture slides (in Finnish) have been downloaded as PDF documents in the SlideShare system. You can read the slides in SlideShare or download them to your device.

SlideShare: Slides from the speeches of the training day on the patient insurance renewal (PDF, opens in new tab)