Obtaining additional information

On the basis of the information provided in notice of injury, the Patient Insurance Centre will independently acquire the information and reports it needs to resolve the case, such as a statement from the healthcare provider and a statement from a medical expert.

Patient records are requested directly from the healthcare facility concerned, even if the patient has attached some of the documents with the notice of injury. The Patient Insurance Centre does not have the right to retrieve information from the patient information systems of healthcare providers or from the My Kanta Pages service.

Collecting all necessary material takes time, but it is necessary that the documentation is as comprehensive as possible to ensure that a correct and reliable decision is made.

Statement from the healthcare provider

The Patient Insurance Centre will ask for a statement from the hospital or private healthcare provider where the injury was reported to have occurred. A copy of the notice of injury will be attached to the request sent to the place of treatment.

The Patient Insurance Centre will request copies of patient records and other documentation, such as X-ray images, that are necessary for handling the case.

If the patient has been examined or treated due to the injury in other institutions, the Patient Insurance Centre will request copies of related patient records and X-ray images from these institutions as well.

A statement from a medical expert

When the requested documentation has been received, the case will be assessed from a medical point of view. A statement from the Patient Insurance Centre’s medical adviser will usually be obtained for handling the claim.