Paying out compensation

A compensation claim form will be sent with the positive claims decision to the person who filed the notice of injury. A separate form is used for cases involving loss of life.

Claimants are asked to specify their claims and to give the information needed for assessing and paying out the compensation, such as prescriptions and receipts for medication and documents on compensation or benefits received under other insurance schemes.

Claiming compensation

File your signed claim for compensation with the Patient Insurance Centre no later than within three years of the receipt of the favourable claims decision. Compensation is only paid for additional costs caused by the patient injury.


The amount of compensation is determined after the claims assessor has obtained the necessary additional information. Additional information can be obtained on any new treatment visits, and on compensation and benefits paid by third parties. When the compensation amount has been set, a claims decision will be drawn up and compensation will be paid.

If the treatment required by a patient injury lasts for a long time or the incapacity to work continues, you may need to make new claims and submit further claims for compensation for up to several years. In practice, several decisions on the amount of compensation will be issued in the same case.