I suspect a patient injury has occurred

I suspect a patient injury has occurred. What should I do?

First, take the simple online test to see whether it is worth your while to file a notice of patient injury.

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It is also advisable to discuss the matter with your attending physician or someone else from the health professionals. Underlying many notices of patient injury is uncertainty concerning matters relating to the illness, injury or treatment. The fastest way to clarify such matters is to discuss the problems with the health professionals. Based on the discussion, you may file a notice of patient injury if you still suspect that a patient injury has taken place. You may also discuss your treatment with the Patient Ombudsman of your treatment facility.

What kind of injury is compensable?

The Patient Insurance Centre will compensate for a bodily injury incurred in connection with the treatment if an experienced professional could have avoided the injury by doing something differently and if the other criteria of a patient injury are met.

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What kind of injury is not compensable?

Not all adverse consequences of healthcare and medical care are compensable under the patient insurance. The outcome of a treatment or procedure is not always what was expected even if everything was done to the best of the ability and knowledge available. Patient insurance will not compensate for the failure to archive a desirable outcome despite appropriate treatment.

Additionally, deficient actions or, for example, incorrect diagnosis will not be compensated out of the patient insurance unless bodily injury is incurred as a result.

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