Cost of medical care

Patient insurance covers the additional expenses of medical care needed for the injury. Compensable costs may include costs for additional hospital treatment and out-patient treatment, doctor’s appointments, home health care, laboratory examinations, medicines, physical therapy and rehabilitation. If the body granting healthcare aid devices considers such a device necessary, aid device costs may also be compensated for.

Injuries that occurred in connection with public health care are compensated for according to the rates charged by the public sector, unless there are exceptional medical grounds for using private medical services. The assessment is always carried out on a case-by-case basis.

Claimants must first pay the costs incurred from the patient injury themselves and then present the Patient Insurance Centre with an itemisation of the costs. No unpaid invoices should be submitted to the Patient Insurance Centre unless it has given a payment commitment concerning the treatment to be compensated in advance.

If the injured party has received compensation under other insurance or social insurance policies, they cannot be compensated under Patient Insurance Act for the same injury.