General information

The Finnish Patient Insurance Centre (PVK) handles all personal injuries that occur in connection with healthcare activities in accordance with the Patient Injuries Act. PVK promotes patient safety by carrying out research, making calculations and compiling statistics. Its members include all insurance companies granting patient insurance policies in Finland. The statutory system has safeguarded the rights of patients and nursing staff since 1987.

Duties of the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre

  • Handling compensation procedures for patient injuries in a centralised manner
  • Providing insurance cover when insurance has not been taken out
  • Determining and collecting penalty premiums when the taking out of insurance has been neglected
  • Granting public sector patient insurance policies (in the names of the member companies)
  • Promoting patient safety by conducting research, performing calculations and generating statistics
  • Ensuring that agreements relating to managing the patient insurance system are implemented and practical measures and other development work are taken care of
  • Communicating information about patient insurance activities
  • Promoting cooperation between insurance companies
  • Providing instructions to member companies on the Patient Injuries Act

Injuries that occurred between 1 May 1987 and 30 April 1999 fall under the original Patient Injuries Act. Injuries arising from medical treatment and healthcare given on 1 May 1999 or after that time are examined on the basis of the revised Act.

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