Bodies under the obligation to take out insurance are:

  • self-employed healthcare professionals in healthcare occupations who are, or can be, registered by the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira)
  • companies which offer healthcare services and have healthcare professionals (either in employment or service relationship) registered by Valvira in their employ
  • companies offering emergency medical services, including those in which the emergency medical services are carried out by other than healthcare professionals
  • pharmacies for the part of prescription medicines sold
  • hospital districts for the part of public health care provided within their jurisdiction
  • government agencies and public bodies for the part of healthcare services provided in them

Students and trainees are in an equal position to the personnel in the company or institution under the supervision of which the traineeships take place.

Other persons and companies offering care services (e.g. natural health care) are not under the obligation to take out insurance according to the Patient Injuries Act and therefore cannot take out patience insurance. Their insurance cover is to be arranged through liability insurance.