Pursuant to section 7 of the Patient Injuries Act, the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre awards the patient insurance in cases where an insurance company has declined to do so.

The insured party must provide proof of the insurance company's less than three months old decision when applying for insurance from the Patient Insurance Centre. If the certificate of declining the insurance is older than three months, the operations are deemed to have taken place without the required insurance for the period exceeding this time and a penalty premium will be charged for this period.

Applying for insurance from the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre

To make an insurance agreement the following information is required:

  • details of the applicant (name, business or personal identity code, address and telephone number, contact person and address for debt collection if other than that of the insured party)
  • insurance details
    - company: risk classification and the total annual amount of salaries paid or
    - self-employed healthcare professional: occupational title
    - method of payment
  • signature of the applicant
  • decision from the insurance company to decline insurance as attachment

The patient insurance application can be made using a printable form. Before filling out an application, you should acquaint yourself with the terms and conditions of the patient insurance. You can find the form and terms here. The signed application and attachments are sent via mail to the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre.

The Finnish Patient Insurance Centre will calculate, based on the information provided in the application, the amount of the annual insurance premium and will send the insured party the invoice as well as the insurance policy and terms and conditions. The premium rates charged by the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre are based on an annual risk assessment. The same premium rates will also form the basis for the penalty premium payable for periods of non-insurance. The penalty premiums may, according to section 4 of the Patient Injuries Act, be as much as ten-fold compared to the normal premium rate.

The liability of the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre begins on the date when the liability of the insurance company would have started according to the Insurance Contracts Act (Vakuutusopimuslaki 426/2010), had the insurance company awarded the insurance.