Types of compensation payable

Patient Insurance will only cover the extra costs and losses incurred by the patient injury. Costs and losses that would have been incurred regardless of the patient injury are not covered by the insurance.

Consequently, compensation cannot be awarded for medical expenses incurred by the original treatment or examination of the patient's illness or injury. Therefore, when assessing the amount of compensation payable, the costs and financial losses due to the pre-existing illness or injury and those incurred by the patient injury must always be separated.

Compensation is claimed using a separate form available for the purpose when you have received a favourable claims decision. Read more in the Payment of compensation section.

Compensation payable under Patient Insurance is determined by applying the provisions contained in the Tort Liability Act and the guidelines issued by the Traffic Accident Board. The decision policy of the Patient Injuries Board will also be taken into account in the compensation. As a rule, costs and losses arising from the injury will be compensated for in full. However, the injured party is also expected to prevent any subsequent loss whenever possible. The costs incurred must be necessary with regard to the treatment of patient injuries.

Further information on compensation criteria is available on the website of the Traffic Accident Board (in Finnish and Swedish).

The patient insurance is 'primary' in respect of employment pension, meaning that the employment pension insurance company will take any compensation paid by the Patient Insurance Centre into account in its benefits and only pay the potential excess after the coordination of compensations.

Any benefits that remain primary in respect of the compensation paid by the Patient Insurance Centre, such as the sickness allowance, national pension and guaranteed pension paid by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), will be deducted from the compensation paid by the Patient Insurance Centre.


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