Information for those who suspect a patient injury

The Finnish Patient Insurance Centre (PVK) handles all personal injuries that occur in connection with healthcare activities in accordance with the Patient Injuries Act.

Did you know: Malpractice and a compensable patient injury are not always the same thing

Even though in everyday language, the word malpractice means all the errors or omissions that occurred in the treatment of a patient, it is often not a case of a patient injury as defined by law. A compensable injury is strictly defined by law, and the assessment of compensability calls for in-depth expertise.

We at the Patient Insurance Centre take care of the processing of claims and in so doing safeguard both the patient and the medical staff. We will investigate on your behalf whether you are legally entitled to compensation. The processing will not cost you anything.

Do you think that a patient injury has occurred?

We recommend that you first read the instructions below or take the test  that helps you to assess whether it is worth your while to consider filing a notice of injury. See also the answers to frequently asked questions.

Is it worth my while filing a notice of injury? Take the test


If you have any questions about your treatment, illness or treatment costs or if you are dissatisfied with the way you were treated as a patient or a family member, read the instructions below on the action to be taken.