When a claim is accepted, a form for compensation will be attached to the primary claims decision to be filled in and returned to the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre. There is a separate form for cases involving loss of life.

In the form, claimants are asked to specify their claims and to give the information needed for assessing and paying out the compensation. This information should include doctor's prescriptions, receipts and documents on compensation or benefits received under other insurance schemes.

Deliver your claim for compensation to the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre no later than three years after you have received a positive compensation decision. Compensation will be paid only for additional costs incurred by the patient injury.

The compensation will be determined when the claims assessor has acquired the necessary additional information. Additional information may be acquired, for example, about possible new treatment visits and compensations and benefits paid by other bodies. Once the compensation has been assessed, a claims decision will be drawn up and compensation will be paid.

Further claims for compensation may be received over a period of several years if the patient injury requires a long treatment period, or the period of incapacity for work is prolonged. Therefore, several decisions concerning the amount of compensation payable may be made in practice over the course of the claim period.