Claims handling process

Here you can find a description of the claims handling process at the Patient Insurance Centre.

Each step is described in more detail under the respective heading. Currently, the average handling time is slightly less than nine months. However, it is difficult to give a precise estimate on the processing time of any individual claim. Approximately half of the notices of injury are resolved within about eight months and nearly 90 per cent within one year of the receipt of the notice of injury.

The most time-consuming parts of the claims handling process are the collection and careful examination of all the necessary information, reports and statements in order to prepare the claims decision.

While waiting for the decision

We kindly ask you to be patient while waiting for the arrival of the decision, as any telephone enquiries will unfortunately only delay the claims handling process even further.

If you need to supplement the notice you have filed, you will need to send the supplementing information in written form. The information cannot be supplemented by the phone.

See also the answers to frequently asked questions about the claims handling process.