Filing a notice of injury

You can claim compensation by filing a notice of injury in writing.

When you suspect that a patient injury has taken place, you need not file an injury notification straight away. Instead, it is advisable to first discuss the matter with your attending physician or someone else from the medical staff. Underlying many notices of patient injury is uncertainty concerning matters relating to the illness, injury or treatment. Based on the discussion, you may file a notice of patient injury if you still suspect that a patient injury has taken place.

You are advised to take this simple test if you have not already done so. The test will help you to assess whether the Patient Injuries Act is applicable to your case.

The notice of injury must be filed within three years of the date when the party entitled to compensation became aware of the injury. This may only be derogated from for a special reason. It is not necessary to file a notice of injury immediately on the appearance of the symptoms, since information on the further development of your condition may be relevant for the handling of the claim. This is especially true with infections.

How do I file the notice of injury?

Read the instructions before filling out the form. If you need help with the form, contact the Patient Ombudsman or a social worker of the treatment facility concerned. See also the answers to frequently asked questions about how to file a notice of injury.

  • Filling out the form carefully will speed up the handling process.
  • Fill out the form using a computer or with clear handwriting.
  • State the name of the heath care unit or practice where you think the injury occurred as accurately as possible.
  • Include all the other locations where you were examined or treated for the same complaint either before or after the injury occurred. Accurate details regarding the above in particular will considerably speed up the handling of your claim.
  • Please report as accurately as possible the date or the period of time when the examination, treatment or omission that resulted in the injury took place.
  • Please note, that we are not able to get the information from My Kanta records. You must report all the information in the form.
  • Describe your bodily injury in your own words and on what grounds you are claiming compensation. Claimants are not as such required to present any medical or judicial grounds for their claim, but it is important to state the main arguments as clearly as possible. Based on your notice of injury, the Patient Insurance Centre will request further clarification of the treatment administered or examination made from the heath care unit where the injury was reported having taken place.
  • The notice of injury form must be signed personally, and therefore cannot be sent electronically to the Centre. Adults must sign the form themselves, or authorize someone else to attend to the matter on their behalf by completing the authorisation section of the form.
  • When the patient is a minor or otherwise legally incompetent, the notice of injury form must be signed by a trustee. The parents of minors can usually act as trustees. If the patient is deceased, the notice of injury can be filed by a party to the estate of the deceased.
  • If you receive a favourable claims decision, remember to file your claim for compensation for the costs incurred with the Patient Insurance Centre no later than within three years of the receipt of the decision.


  • Do not attach any receipts or other documentation concerning costs and expenses to the notice of injury. They will be examined separately when it is determined that the claim is compensable. All invoices and receipts should be retained, however, so that they can be later enclosed with the compensation claim form and filling out the form is easier.
  • If you also are claiming compensation for the expenses elsewhere, for example from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela), be sure to make copies of the documents first. Be sure to retain any claims decision issued by another party as soon as you receive it.

For more detailed instructions, see the bottom of the notice of injury form. 

The quickest way to file a notification of injury is to use the online printable form.

A hardcopy notice of injury form can also be obtained

  • from the Patient Ombudsman or social worker of the heath care unit concerned
  • by email from lomaketilaus(@)
  • by calling the Patient Insurance Centre, tel. +358 40 450 4590

Send the duly completed and signed form to Potilasvakuutuskeskus (the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre):


To streamline the processing of your case, please use the notice of injury form provided by the Patient Insurance Centre.