Taking out insurance

Patient insurance can be taken out either at your insurance company which practices patient insurance or the Patient Insurance Centre until the end of year 2020.

The following groups can always take out the insurance at an insurance company:

  • Self-employed professionals
  • Company or organisation (limited companies, general and limited partnerships etc.)
  • Unions (such as the Finnish Medical Association, Finnish Dental Association, Union of Health and Social Care Professionals, Union of Denturists in Finland, Finnish Association of Speech Therapists, Finnish Psychological Association, SuPer etc.) as so called group insurance on behalf of their members.

The following groups can take out patient insurance from the Patient Insurance Centre until the end of year 2020 instead of its member insurance companies:

  • Hospital districts
  • Government agencies
  • Ålands hälso- och sjukvård (Åland Islands healthcare services).

Those who have been declined insurance by an insurance company may take out the insurance for now at the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre.

From the beginning of 2021 all healthcare providers take out the insurance directly from an insurance company which practices patient insurance.

For example, if a private physician, physiotherapist or other healthcare professional provides their services under a company name, the insurance must also be taken out in the company’s name.

Ask your union, if the patient insurance taken out in the name of the trade union covers services provided by their members’ companies.

Health care provided in institutions owned and run by municipalities and joint municipal authorities (healthcare centres, fire and rescue services and care homes for the elderly and educational institutions for healthcare) falls under insurance taken out by the local hospital district.

Health care services provided through an enterprise owned by a municipality or a joint municipal authority as well as those outsourced from a private service provider do not fall under public sector patient insurance. The same also applies to healthcare services provided through an enterprise owned by the state or obtained through a private service provider.