The Patient Injuries Act (Potilasvahinkolaki 585/1986) can be applied, if the following five preconditions are met:

  1. A patient has sustained a bodily injury (illness, disability or other temporary or permanent weakening of health that can be objectively ascertained, or loss of life)
  2. The patient's injury was sustained in connection with medical treatment or health care (for example, treatment given in a hospital, health care centre, or a private health clinic, during transfer of patients by ambulance, taking a sample, rehabilitation, physical therapy, or the delivery of prescription drugs from a pharmacy.) Moreover, care or treatment given outside medical institutions may also be covered by the insurance if the treatment is performed by a medical professional (for example, medical doctor, dentist, nurse, physiotherapist, registered naprapath, etc. Check the comprehensive list on the website of the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health Valvira). See exceptions.
  3. The injured party must be a patient, in other words, a person being examined or treated (a healthy person taking part in medical research or a donor of blood or tissue are also considered to be patients referred to in the Patient Injuries Act in the legal sense.)
  4. The injury occurred while the Patient Injuries Act was in force, in other words, on 1 May 1987 or after. (In addition, the limitation period for filing an injury notification must not have expired.)
  5. The injury occurred within the geographical area of Finland.

If these five preconditions are fulfilled, the compensability of the injury can be evaluated on the basis of different compensation criteria. The compensation criteria are explained in greater detail in the Types of injury section.

If the preconditions for applying the Patient Injuries Act are not met in your case, we cannot pay compensation for the injury. Read more about the other legal protection afforded to a patient on the Patient's rights page.

Click this link to read more about what to do if the preconditions of the Patient Injuries Act are met in your case.