If you suspect a patient injury has occurred, you do not have to fill in the injury notification right away; instead talk first with the physician who treated you or some other member of care personnel. Many claims arise from uncertainty about factors affecting to the illness, injury or treatment. The fastest way to clarify such matters is to discuss the problems with medical personnel. Based on the discussion, you can still file a patient injury notification, if you still suspect that a patient injury has occurred.

The injury notification must be filed within three years of the date when the injured party learned of the injury. Exceptions to this rule are made only for a specific reason. It is not necessarily worthwhile to file an injury notification immediately on the appearance of the symptoms, since information on the further development of your condition may be relevant for the handling of the claim. This is especially true with infections.

How to recognize a patient injury: Start by checking whether the preconditions of patient injury are met in your case.