Request for revision

If you consider that the claims decision was based on insufficient documentation, you may send a written request for revision to the Patient Insurance Centre. In your request, you should indicate in which respects the documentation was insufficient. Furthermore, any missing documents should be attached to the request, or the request should at least indicate where these documents may be obtained.

Send the request for revision to the following address:

Patient Insurance Centre

Appeal procedure

Instructions for lodging an appeal are attached to each claims decision. If you are dissatisfied with the claims decision, you may refer the issue to the Patient Injuries Board or to the Court of First Instance. The Patient Injuries Board will process the request free of charge.

The task of the Patient Injuries Board is to issue recommendations in patient injury cases. A Board recommendation may be requested by the claimant, the party engaged in the health and medical care, or the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre. The Patient Injuries Board may also issue a recommendation during court proceedings on request of the court or the parties involved.

The Patient Injuries Act does not specify a time limit within which a patient should refer his or her case to the Patient Injuries Board. The Patient Injuries Board has adopted a practice of considering requests where the patient has lost the right of bringing the matter to court within the statutory three years as being effectively unfounded. Consequently, the Patient Injuries Board will not considered requests where the patient no longer has an opportunity to bring the matter to court.

In a situation where a claimant whose claim has been accepted requests a Board recommendation solely regarding the amount of compensation, the Board may evaluate the case in terms of the actual compensation criterion on its own initiative. This procedure is based on the Patient Injuries Act, Section 11 b.

The claimant may bring an action against the Finnish Patient Insurance Centre at the District Court of Helsinki or at the District Court of the locality where the claimant is domiciled or a permanent resident. The action may also be brought at the District court within whose jurisdiction the event occasioning the injury took place or the neglected event ought to have taken place or where the injury became apparent.

An action against Finnish Patient Insurance Centre must be brought within three years of the date on which the claimant has been informed of the decision and the limitation period in writing. The period for filing a suit is based on the Insurance Contracts Act (Vakuutusopimuslaki 543/1994).