Summary of the 2016 annual report

The Finnish Patient Insurance Centre (PVK) is the central body handling all personal injuries that occur in connection with healthcare activities in accordance with the Patient Injuries Act. PVK promotes patient safety by carrying out research, making calculations and compiling statistics. Its members are all the insurance companies granting patient insurance policies in Finland.

Operating environment

By its decision of 21 January 2015, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health set up a working group to revise the legislation on patient insurance and prepare a proposal for its amendment in the form of a government proposal. Based on the pension agreement, the disability and survivors' pensions under the Patient Injuries Act were converted into primary pensions in relation to earnings-related pensions as of 1 January 2017.

Legislative and advocacy work was continued in 2016 in the legislation working group set up by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and in the joint consulting group of PVK and the Federation of Finnish Financial Services. The working group completed its report by the end of 2016, and the drafting of the act is continued by state officials at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health in consultation with the stakeholders.


A total of 8,834 (8,382) new patient injuries were reported in 2016. The total number of claims settlement decisions was 7,537 (7,792). The median processing time was 6.8 (5.9) months, the average being 7.5 (6.4) months. A total of EUR 40.9 (41.0) million was paid out in compensation for patient injuries that occurred in different years.

Transition to electronic case handling was continued during the year. An online service for transactions with the Patient Injuries Board was deployed in October, and an online interface for medical experts in November.

The development of information systems was continued to improve the efficiency of electronic case handling and transactions. The paper documents of outstanding claims filed prior to June 2012 were converted to electronic format. Since November, all incoming imaging material has been stored in an electronic archive.

Patient safety

PVK attended the Finnish Medical Convention held in Helsinki in January. 'Injury Clinic' training was arranged in collaboration with the Finnish Patient Safety Association and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. PVK also attended the Patient's Rights Day arranged by the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, where the Centre's experts gave a brief presentation on the patient insurance system. PVK also gave a lecture on dental injuries at the National Patient Ombudsman Days.

The work for proactively preventing injuries was continued by coordinating research on patient injuries and by participating in the operation of the Finnish Patient Safety Association as a Board member.

Insurance affairs

During the reporting period, there were 16,950 (16,785) private sector insurance schemes in force, of which 7 (7) were group insurance schemes taken out by trade unions in the health care sector and 9 (6) were issued by PVK under section 7 of the Patient Injuries Act.

The number of public sector insurance schemes in force was 29 (29), and they were based on a policyholder-specific full liability principle with regard to the determination of insurance premiums These agreements cover the entire country with regard to public health and medical care, so that the policyholders are the joint municipal authorities for all hospital districts, Ålands hälso- och sjukvård (Åland Islands healthcare services) and the nine government organisations with health and medical care operations.


The Patient Insurance risk premium study for 2017 was carried out. Additionally, investigations required by the tasks laid down in the Patient Injuries Act and needed to promote patient safety were made.

The calculations required for the pay-as-you-go system were prepared during the year, based on which the final adjustment for 2015 and the advance adjustment for 2016 were made and the pay-as-you-go payment for 2017 was determined. The increased insurance premiums charged to those failing to take out a patient insurance policy issued by PVK for 2017 were determined in December. An application for the ratification of the basis of the increased insurance premium was submitted to the Financial Supervisory Authority.

During 2016, the Centre contributed to the reform of the Patient Injuries Act by drawing up various kinds of analyses and scenario calculations. Cash flow forecasts for technical provisions estimated by PVK required by Solvency II reporting were sent to the member companies on a quarterly basis.

Communications and stakeholder activities

The adoption and development of a more active operating approach was continued in communications. Direct communications addressed to stakeholders were increased by making investments in one's own digital communication channels. PVK set up a blog and an electronic newsletter named Uutispoli.

Communications cooperation was carried out with the Finnish Patient Safety Association. Cooperation with insurance companies was intensified by starting the Communication Division of the Insurance Centre. The division will create a good foundation for addressing the changes brought about by the patient insurance reform.

The crisis communications plan was tested by means of an exercise. Media training sessions were continued on a regular basis, as part of standard operations.

Financial and personnel administration

The public-sector insurance premium income from patient insurance operations totalled EUR 53 (54) million, and private-sector premium income EUR 20 (21) million. PVK takes care of compensation activities pursuant to the Patient Injuries Act on a centralised basis. The Patient Injuries Board's expenses during the reporting period were EUR 1.6 (1.5) million.


A total of 94 person-years were used in the PVK's operations. In addition to its own staff, PVK also had joint staff shared with other organisations within the Insurance Centre.

The personnel strategy was revised. Its basic structure will remain in force until 2020, with special priority areas selected on an annual basis. The implementation of the strategy is monitored by means of an annual report and a more detailed personnel report. Additionally, the development of the remuneration system was commenced in collaboration with the Finnish Workers' Compensation Centre.

Assessment of likely future development

No phenomena with material impact on future development can be seen in the operating environment after the end of the financial year, so operations are expected to remain at their current extent. No special research and development investments were made.

Bodies in 2016


  • Kristiina Ellmén, OP, Chair
  • Tiina Schaarschmidt-Pernaa, If, Vice-Chair
  • Christa Heinonen, Folksam until 18 May 2016, following which Folksam was represented by Marika Löfberg
  • Hannu Leskinen, Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District
  • Marku Munter, LähiTapiola
  • Mikko Pukki, Fennia

Executive management of PVK in the Insurance Centre Group

  • Ulla Niku-Koskinen, Managing Director
  • Jari-Matti Lifländer, Director of Administration
  • Asko Nio, Manager of Legal Matters (starting from 1 March 2016)
  • Minna Plit-Turunen, Unit Director (starting from 1 March 2016)
  • Simo Sarvamaa, Director of Actuarial Affairs
  • Leena-Mari Tanskanen, Head of Communications
  • Janne Jumppanen, Legal Affairs and Debt Collection, Director of Motor Liability Insurance Unit


Oy Tuokko Ltd

  • Jari Miikkulainen, APA (controlling auditor)
  • Janne Elo, APA

The official annual accounts are available for viewing at the PVK office, Itämerenkatu 11–13, Helsinki.