Is it worthwhile for me to file an injury notification?

You must decide for yourself whether you want to file an injury notification and apply for compensation for a suspected injury. You can receive help for your decision-making through discussions with the healthcare provider responsible for the treatment or a Patient Ombudsman. The Patient Insurance Centre will decide whether your injury is compensable under Patient Insurance.

You can start the process by submitting your injury notification to the Centre. If you need help with the completing the injury notification, you may contact the Patient Ombudsman of the treating institution.

Is it possible to find out over the phone whether my injury is compensable?

You cannot get a decision over the phone. No two bodily injuries are completely identical, and therefore the Patient Insurance Centre cannot predict any decision on the basis of general enquiries.

It is important to be aware that not all harmful consequences caused in connection with treatment are compensated for. Similarly, there are no grounds for compensation in a case where the result of treatment does not fulfil individual expectations. About one third of claims receive compensation.

Is there a time limit for filing an injury notification?

Yes. According to the Patient Injuries Act, a claim must be filed within three years of the time the injured party knew or should have known of the injury. The time limit is never extended on the grounds that the claimant was not aware of patient injuries legislation or patient insurance.

Compensation can be claimed later under exceptional circumstances. However, a claim must be made no later than ten or twenty years from the time of the incident that led to the injury or the right to compensation is forfeited.

How long does it take for the Patient Insurance Centre to process my injury notification?

At present, a decision is made on half of the injury notifications within six months and over 95 % within a year. There are about 8,000 new injury notifications each year.

The processing time can vary considerably from case to case. At the early stages of the claims process, it is not possible to accurately assess how long the processing will take.

For cases that are medically or legally demanding, and which encompass several medical fields, the processing usually takes longer than average. The time it takes to obtain medical documents from the treating institutions also affects the overall processing time.

My wrist was fractured in an industrial accident and later I received a patient injury in connection with the treatment of the fracture. What are my options?

File an injury notification for the industrial accident under your employer's accident insurance. If you also claim under Patient Insurance, send your injury notification to the Patient Insurance Centre.

When the notification is received by the Patient Insurance Centre, claims made under accident insurance have usually been decided on and the claimant will have received all the due benefits. These benefits, as well as other statutory compensation, will be deducted from the compensation payable under Patient Insurance (coordination of compensation). The Patient Insurance Centre will pay any difference.

The provisions under different insurance schemes are not equivalent: for example, compensation for temporary incapacity (pain and suffering) can be awarded under Patient Insurance but not under Accident Insurance.